About Us

Small home appliance specialized company
L’EQUIP, always make innovative products.

  • 2010~2016
  • 2016

    Launched commercial grade household blender BS5 RPM Cube
    Launched 4.6HP super blender BS7 RPM Quattro

  • 2015

    Launched household oil extractor LOP-G3 Oil Presso

  • 2014

    Launched food dehydrator with innovative NIR technology IR D5
    IR D5 awarded with innovation award from
    International Home + Housewares Show

  • 2013

    Launched food dehydrator 9013A(D-Cube)

  • 2012

    Opened L’EQUIP’s first direct store
    Food dehydrator market share reached 80% in Korea

  • 2010

    Launched cooker and mini-mixer.
    Started exporting food dehydrator to Iran.

  • 1999~2008
  • 2008

    Launched LW-425 waffle maker Belgium
    Entered E-Mart, one of the biggest hypermarket in Korea
    Nominated as export promising small and medium business

  • 2006

    High performance RPM Blender,
    nominated for 2006 Asia VIP product

  • 2004

    Sold over 150 thousand units of Juicers through home shopping
    Launched food dehydrator LD-528 on home shopping
    Opened Shanghai corporate

  • 2003

    Launched juicers on Hyundai home shopping

  • 2000

    Developed LD-528 and introduced to USA

  • 1999

    Changed company name from PSC Kores to L’EQUIP Korea
    Started to export Juicers to USA